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Cm1204b - Operation of the M12A1 PDDA
cm12054 - Operation and Maintenance of the 50
cm12074 - Maintenance of the M12A1 PDDA
CM1301 - Chemical Detection and Reporting
CM2206 - Chemical Biological Reconnaisance
Cm2300b - Operational and Thorough Decontamination Operations
Cm2304a - Planning Radiological and Chemical Surveys
cm2306 - Radiological Operations
cm2307b - US Army Chemical School Nuclear Reporting
CM2308B - Calculate and Compute Nuclear Data
Cm2506a - US Army Chemical School NBC Decontamination Concepts
cm32049 - Operation and Maintenance of the M3A4 Smoke Generator
CM32089 - Troubleshooting Procedure for the M3A4 Smoke Generator
cm3300b - Conduct Smoke Operations
cm3305a - Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting of the M157 Smoke Genarator System
cm3404a - Chemical Agents/Compound
Cm5206b - US Army Chemical School Weapons Effects
CM7106 - NBC Logistics
cm7112b - Smoke Pots
CM7114B - Chemical and Biological Operations

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