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NASA-97-11iced-jlr.pdf - Pages: 6 - James L. Rogers, Reducing Design Cycle Time and Cost Through Process Resequencing, 11th International Conference on Engineering Design, Tampere, Finland, August 19-21, 1997, pp. 6, included in the Proceedings. (577KB)

NASA-97-11ssdc-mrw.pdf - Pages: 13 - Martin R. Waszak, Robust Multivariable Flutter Suppression for the Benchmark Active Control Technology (BACT) Wind-tunnel Model, Eleventh Symposium on Structural Dynamics and Control, Blacksburg, Virginia, May 12-14, 1997, pp. 13,

NASA-97-134asa-ksb.pdf - Pages: 20 - Kenneth S. Brentner, A Superior Kirchhoff Method for Aeroacoustic Noise Prediction: The Ffowcs Williams-Hawkings Equation, San Diego, California, 134th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, December 1-5, 1997, pp. 20, (701

NASA-97-13race-kwh.pdf - Pages: 7 - Kam W. Hom, Noel A. Talcott, Jr. and John F. Shaeffer, Computational/Analytical Diagnostic Tools for Electromagnetic Scattering, 13th Annual Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics, Monterey, California, March

NASA-97-16dasc-cmb.pdf - Pages: 15 - Celeste M Belcastro, Closed-Loop HIRF Experiments Performed on a Fault Tolerant Flight Control Computer, 16th Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Irvine, California, October 26-30, 1997, (2MB)

NASA-97-16dasc-cmh.pdf - Pages: 7 - C. Michael Holloway, Why Engineers Should Consider Formal Methods, 16th AIAA/IEEE Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Irvine, California, October, 1997, pp. 7, included in Volume 1 of the Conference Proceedings (465KB)

NASA-97-16dasc-dmk.pdf - Pages: 7 - Daniel M. Koppen, Open-Loop HIRF Experiments Performed on a Fault Tolerant Flight Control Computer, 16th Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Irvine, California, October 26-30, 1997, (805KB)

NASA-97-16dasc-kjm.pdf - Pages: 7 - Karl J. Moeller and Kenneth L. Dudley, The NASA B-757 HIRF Test Series---Flight Test Results, 16th Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Irvine, California, October 26-30, 1997, (860KB)

NASA-97-16dasc-raw.pdf - Pages: 5 - Reuben A. Williams, The NASA High Intensity Radiated Fields Laboratory, 16th Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Irvine, California, October 26-30, 1997, (2MB)

NASA-97-18as-bjj.pdf - Pages: 3 - Brian J. Jensen and Alice C. Chang, Adhesive Properties of Cured Phenylethynyl Containing Imides, 18th Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society, Hilton Head, South Carolina, February 23-26, 1997, pp. 3, (445KB)

NASA-97-19ispa-ru.pdf - Pages: 13 - Resit Unal, Robert. D. Braun, Arlene A. Moore and Roger A. Lepsch, Jr., Response Surface Model Building Using Orthogonal Arrays for Computer Experiments, 19th Annual International Conference of the International Society of Parametr

NASA-97-1icdns-rdj.pdf - Pages: 12 - R. D. Joslin, Discussion of DNS: Past, Present, and Future, First International Conference on Direct Numerical Simulation and Large Eddy Simulation (DNS/LES), Ruston, Louisiana, August 4-8, 1997, included in the Proceedings, (1MB)

NASA-97-1isios-brb.pdf - Pages: 2 - Bruce R. Barkstrom, Cloud Forcing and the Earth's Radiation Budget: New Ideas and New Observations, First Symposium on Integrated Observing Systems, American Meteorological Society, Long Beach, CA, February 3-7, 1997, pp. 2, (20KB

NASA-97-1psfvip-lmw.pdf - Pages: 6 - Leonard M. Weinstein, Kathryn Stacy, Gerald. J. Vieira, Edward A. Haering, Jr. and Albion H. Bowers, Visualization and Image Processing of Aircraft Shock Wave Structures, First Pacific Symposium on Flow Visualization and Image Pr

NASA-97-23erc-jdb.pdf - Pages: 10 - John D. Berry, Victor B. Letnikov, Irena Bavykina and Mark S. Chaffin, A Comparison of Interactional Aerodynamics Methods for a Helicopter in Low Speed Flight, 23rd European Rotorcraft Conference, Dresden, Germany, September 22-23,

NASA-97-24nde-eim.pdf - Pages: 8 - Eric I. Madaras, William P. Winfree and Patrick H. Johnston, Ultrasonic Studies of Composites Undergoing Thermal and Fatigue Loading, 24th Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation, San Diego, California,

NASA-97-24qnde-yap.pdf - Pages: 8 - Yuri A. Plotnikov and William P. Winfree, Thermographic Imaging of Defects in Ansiotropic Composites, 24th Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation, San Diego, California, July 27--August 1, 1997, pp. 8,

NASA-97-27ices.pdf - Pages: 9 - Ruth M. Amundsen, Thermal Design and Analysis for the Cryogenic MIDAS Experiment, 27th International Conference on Environmental Systems, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 97ES-29 (SAE), July 14-17, 1997, pp. 9, (346KB)

NASA-97-2acm-mln.pdf - Pages: 2 - Michael L. Nelson, Kurt Maly and Stewart N. T. Shen, Building a Multi-Discipline Digital Library Through Extending the Dienst Protocol, Second ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 23-26

NASA-97-30cfd-twr.pdf - Pages: 19 - Thomas W. Roberts, David Sidilkover and R. C. Swanson, Relaxtion Revisited---A Fresh Look at Multigrid for Steady Flows, Thirty Years of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Transonic Flow, Everett, WA, June 24-27, 1997, pp. 19, (325KB

NASA-97-32ailc-wdm.pdf - Pages: 12 - W. D. Morris, N. H. White, W. T. Davis and Dr. C. E. Ebeling, Estimating Logistics Support of Reusable Launch Vehicles During Conceptual Design, SOLE 97, 32nd Annual International Logistics Conference and Exposition, Orlando, Flor

NASA-97-3jcis-sew.pdf - Pages: 29 - Stanley E. Woodard and Devendra P. Garg, A Numerical Optimization Approach for Tuning Fuzzy Logic Controllers, Third Joint Conference on Information Sciences, Durham, North Carolina, March 1-5, 1997, (1MB)

NASA-97-42isse-jah.pdf - Pages: 8 - J. A. Hinkley, B. C. Messier and J. M. Marchello, Effect of Pressure in Thermoplastic Ribbon Thermal Welding, 42nd International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition, Anaheim, California, May 5-8, 1997, (522KB)

NASA-97-42isse-khw.pdf - Pages: 12 - Karen H. Wood, Robert A. Orwoll, Brian J. Jensen, Philip R. Young and Harold M. McNair, Cure Chemistry of Phenylethynyl Terminated Oligomers, 42nd International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition, Anaheim, California, May 5-8, 1997, (

NASA-97-42isse-rcc.pdf - Pages: 15 - R. C. Costen and J. M. Marchello, Sensitivity Studies for In-Situ Automated Tape Placement of Thermoplastic Composites, 42nd International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition, Anaheim, California, May 5-8, 1997, (1MB)

NASA-97-43iis-fjc.pdf - Pages: 11 - Fang-Jenq Chen, Application of Least-Squares Adjustment Technique to Geometric Camera Calibration and Photogrammetric Flow Visualization, Proceedings of the 43rd International Instrumentation Symposium, Orlando, Florida, May 4-8, 1

NASA-97-43isa-dmo.pdf - Pages: 9 - Donald M. Oglesby, Billy T. Upchurch, Bradley S. Sealey, Bradley D. Leighty, Cecil G. Burkett, Jr. and Amir J. Jagharghi, Development of Temperature Sensitive Paints for the Detection of Small Temperature Differences, ISA 43rd Inte

NASA-97-46ndt-rfa.pdf - Pages: 12 - Robert F. Anastasi, Adam D. Friedman, Mark K. Hinders and Eric I. Madaras, Application of Laser Based Ultrasound for NDE of Damage in Thick Stitched Composites, 46th Defense Working Group on Nondestructive Testing, Yuma, Arizona, N

NASA-97-48iac-dcf.pdf - Pages: 10 - Delma C. Freeman, Jr., David E. Reubush, Charles R. McClinton, Vincent L. Rausch and J. Larry Crawford, The NASA Hyper-X Program, 48th International Astronautical Congress, Turin, Italy, October 6-10, 1997, (1MB)

NASA-97-48iac-wmp.pdf - Pages: 11 - William M. Piland, Commercialization of the Space Frontier, 48th International Astronautical Congress, Turin, Italy, October 6-10, 1997, (2MB)

NASA-97-4isfs-bp.pdf - Pages: 12 - Boyd Perry, III and Thomas E. Noll, Activities in Aeroelasticity at NASA Langley Research Center, Fourth International Symposium on Fluid-Structure Interactions, Aeroelasticity, Flow-Induced Vibrations and Noise, Dallas, Texas, Octo

NASA-97-4isfsi-jsc.pdf - Pages: 8 - Jared S. Cox, Christopher L. Rumsey, Kenneth S. Brentner and Bassam A. Younis, Computation of Vortex Shedding and Radiated Sound for a Circular Cylinder, 4th International Symposium on Fluid-Structure Interactions, Aeroelasticity,

NASA-97-4lsad-cjr.pdf - Pages: 9 - Christopher J. Riley and F. McNeil Cheatwood, Distributed Memory Computing With the Langley Aerothermodynamic Upwind Relaxation Algorithm (LAURA), Fourth NASA National Symposium on Large-Scale Analysis and Design on High-Performanc

NASA-97-4ssm-rwm.pdf - Pages: 12 - Robert W. Moses, Vertical Tail Buffeting Alleviation Using Piezoelectric Actuators - Some Results of the Actively Controlled Response Of Buffet-Affected Tails (ACROBAT) Program, SPIE's 4th Annual Symposium on Smart Structures and Ma

NASA-97-4sssm-mcb.pdf - Pages: 10 - M. C. Brennan and A. R. McGowan, Piezoelectric Power Requirements for Active Vibration Control, SPIE's 4th Annual Symposium on Smart Structures and Materials, San Diego, California, March 3-6, 1997, (930KB)

NASA-97-4sssm-saw.pdf - Pages: 9 - S. A. Wise, R. C. Hardy and D. E. Dausch, Design and Development of an Optical Path Difference Scan Mechanism for Fourier Transform Spectrometers Using High Displacement RAINBOW Actuators, SPIE's 4th Annual Symposium on Smart Struc

NASA-97-53ahs-dac.pdf - Pages: 11 - David A. Conner, Michael A. Marcolini, Bryan D. Edwards and John T. Brieger, XV-15 Tiltrotor Low Noise Terminal Area Operations, American Helicopter Society's 53rd Annual Forum, Virginia Beach, Virginia, April 29--May 1, 1997, pp.

NASA-97-53ahs-gbm.pdf - Pages: 14 - Gretchen B. Murri, T. Kevin O'Brien and Carl Q. Rousseau, Fatigue Life Methodology for Tapered Composite Flexbeam Laminates, American Helicopter Society 53rd Annual Forum, Virginia Beach, VA, April 29--May 1, 1997, pp. 13, Also pub

NASA-97-53ahs-jdb.pdf - Pages: 25 - John Berry and Nicolas Bettschart, Rotor-Fuselage Interaction: Analysis and Validation With Experiment, 53rd Annual Forum of the American Helicopter Society, Virginia Beach, Virginia, April 29--May 1, 1997, pp. 25, Also published a

NASA-97-53ahs-ksb.pdf - Pages: 10 - Kenneth S. Brentner and F. Farassat, An Analytical Comparison of the Acoustic Analogy and Kirchhoff Formulation for Moving Surfaces, American Helicopter Society 53rd Annual Forum, Virginia Beach, VA, April 29--May 1, 1997, pp. 10,

NASA-97-53ahs-mwn.pdf - Pages: 21 - Mark W. Nixon, Raymond G. Kvaternik and T. Ben Settle, Tiltrotor Vibration Reduction Through Higher Harmonic Control, American Helicopter Society 53rd Annual Forum, Virginia Beach, Virginia, April 29--May 1, 1997, pp. 21, (220KB)

NASA-97-53ahs-ols.pdf - Pages: 11 - O.L. Santa Maria, A.W. Mueller and D.A. Conner, Acoustics of UH-60 Black Hawk With Growth Rotor Blades, American Helicopter Society 53rd Annual Forum, Virginia Beach, VA, April 29--May 1, 1997, (743KB)

NASA-97-6aisc-lhc.pdf - Pages: 8 - Lin H. Chambers, David F. Youn, Bruce R. Barkstrom and Bruce A. Wielicki, CERES and the S'COOL Project, Sixth Annual International Space University Alumni Conference, Houston, TX, July, 1997, pp. 8, Included in the Proceedings. (44

NASA-97-6icrasd-sar.pdf - Pages: 15 - Stephen A. Rizzi and Travis L. Turner, Enhanced Capabilities of the NASA Langley Thermal Acoustic Fatigue Apparatus, Sixth International Conference on Recent Advances in Structural Dynamics, Southampton, England, July 1997, pp. 1

NASA-97-81agard-awb.pdf - Pages: 9 - A. W. Burner, Model Deformation Measurements at NASA Langley Research Center, AGARD 81st Fluid Dynamics Panel Symposium on Advanced Aerodynamic Measurement Technology, Seattle, Washington, September 22-25, 1997, (2MB)

NASA-97-81agard-jst.pdf - Pages: 12 - John S. Tripp, Ping Tcheng, Alpheus W. Burner and Tom D. Finley, Summary Report of the First International Symposium on Strain Gauge Balances and Workshop on AoA/Model Deformation Measurement Techniques, AGARD 81st Fluid Dynamics

NASA-97-8sncm-whp.pdf - Pages: 6 - William H. Prosser, Michael D. Seale and Barry T. Smith, Application of the Pseudo Wigner-Ville Distribution to the Measurement of the Dispersion of Lamb Modes in Graphite/Epoxy Plates, Eighth International Symposium on Nondestruct

NASA-97-9ams-abc.pdf - Pages: 2 - Ann B. Carlson and Takmeng Wong, Evaluation of Time-Averaged CERES TOA SW Product Using CAGEX Data, Ninth Conference on Atmospheric Radiation, Long Beach, CA, Report No. P2.7, February 2-7, 1997, pp. 2, (55KB)

NASA-97-9car-dpk.pdf - Pages: 2 - David P. Kratz, The Use of Correlated k-Distributions to Account for the Radiative Effect of Molecular Absorption upon Satellite Measureed Radiances, Ninth Conference on Atmospheric Radiation, Long Beach, California, February 2-7, 1

NASA-97-9car-gls.pdf - Pages: 3 - G. L. Schuster, C. H. Whitlock, J. V. Plant, R. J. Wheeler, C. D. Moats, K. T. Larman, J. K. Ayers and E. K. Feldl, Seasonal and Vegational Variation in Albedo Measured During CERES Ground-Validation Pilot Study, Ninth Conference on

NASA-97-9car-lhc.pdf - Pages: 5 - Lin H. Chambers, Computation of the Effects of Inhomogeneous Clouds on Retrieval of Remotely Sensed Properties, Ninth Conference on Atmospheric Radiation, Long Beach, CA, February 2-7, 1997, pp. 5, (86KB)

NASA-97-9car-tdb.pdf - Pages: 4 - T. D. Bess, A. B. Carlson and F. M. Denn, Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) Data Sets for Global Environment and Climate Change Studies, Ninth Conference on Atmospheric Radiation, Long Beach, California, February 2-7, 1997, p

NASA-97-9isap-pcs.pdf - Pages: 6 - Paul C. Schutte, WINGS: A New Paradigm in Human-Centered Design, Ninth International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, Columbus, Ohio, April 27--May 1, 1997, (760KB)

NASA-97-acac-jpd.pdf - Pages: 15 - J. Philip Drummond, Enhancement of Mixing and Reaction in High-Speed Combustor Flowfields, International Colloquium on Advanced Computation and Analysis of Combustion, Moscow, Russia, May 12-15, 1997, also published as a chapter in

NASA-97-acc-agk.pdf - Pages: 5 - A. G. Kelkar and S. M. Joshi, Robust Control of Non-Passive Systems via Passification, 1997 American Control Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 4-6, 1997, (708KB)

NASA-97-acc-kbl.pdf - Pages: 5 - Kyong B. Lim, Closed Form Solution for Minimum Norm Model Validating Uncertainty, 1997 American Control Conference, Albuquerque, NM, June 2-4, 1997, pp. 5, In Proceedings, Volume 3, p. 1929-1933. (75KB)

NASA-97-ac-rdb.pdf - Pages: 15 - R.D. Braun, R.A. Mitcheltree and F.M. Cheatwood, Mars Microprobe Entry Analysis, 1997 IEEE Aerospace Conference, Snowmass, CO, February 2-6, 1997, pp. 15, (1MB)

NASA-97-acs-gam.pdf - Pages: 6 - Gilda A. Miner, Diane M. Stoakley, Anne K. St. Clair, Paul A. Gierow, and Kevin Bates, The Wettability of LaRC Colorless Polyimide Resins on Casting Surfaces, 1997 American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April

NASA-97-agard-ak.pdf - Pages: 28 - Ajay Kumar, Peter A. Gnoffo, James N. Moss and J. Philip Drummond, Advances in Computational Capabilities for Hypersonic Flows, AGARD Interpanel Symposium on Future Aerospace Technology in Service to the Alliance, Paris, France, Apr

NASA-97-agard-dms.pdf - Pages: 11 - David M. Schuster, Philip S. Beran and Lawrence J. Huttsell, Application of the ENS3DAE Euler/Navier-Stokes Aeroelastic Method, AGARD 85th Structures and Materials Panel Workshop on Numerical Unsteady Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Si

NASA-97-agard-jjk.pdf - Pages: 10 - J. J. Korte, R. P. Weston and T. A. Zang, Multidisciplinary Optimization Methods for Preliminary Design, AGARD Interpanel Symposium Future Aerospace Technology in the Service of the Alliance, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France, Apr

NASA-97-agard-jlh.pdf - Pages: 12 - James L. Hunt and Charles R. McClinton, Scramjet Engine/Airframe Integration Methodology, AGARD Interpanel Symposium on Future Aerospace Technology in Service to the Alliance, Paris, France, April 14-18, 1997, (2MB)

NASA-97-agard-jlh2.pdf - Pages: 18 - James L. Hunt, Gerard Laruelle and Alain Wagner, Systems Challenges for Hypersonic Vehicles, AGARD Interpanel Symposium on Future Aerospace Technology in Service to the Alliance, Paris, France, April 14-18, 1997, (3MB)

NASA-97-agu-rcc.pdf - Pages: 6 - Robert C. Costen, Tornadic Vortex Signature (TVS) Produced by Constrained Pulsing Inertial Oscillation (PIO) Model, American Geophysical Union 1997 Spring Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, Paper No. A42C-05, May 27-30, 1997, pp. S87, Als

NASA-97-ahs-ff.pdf - Pages: 18 - F. Farassat and Kenneth S. Brentner, Supersonic Quadrupole Noise Theory for High-Speed Helicopter Rotors, American Helicopter Society Technical Specialists' Meeting for Rotorcraft Acoustics and Aerodynamics, Williamsburg, Virginia, Oc

NASA-97-ahs-hej.pdf - Pages: 15 - Henry E. Jones and Casey L. Burley, A Study of the Effect of Blade Shape on Rotor Noise, American Helicopter Society Technical Specialists' Meeting for Rotorcraft Acosutics and Aerodynamics, Williamsburg, VA, October 28-30, 1997, pp.

NASA-97-ahs-khl.pdf - Pages: 13 - Karen H. Lyle, Casey L. Burley and Devon S. Prichard, A Comparison of Measured and Predicted XV-15 Tiltrotor Surface Acoustic Pressures, American Helicopter Society Technical Specialists' Meeting for Rotorcraft Acoustics and Aerodyna

NASA-97-ahs-mjl.pdf - Pages: 11 - Michael J. Lucas and Michael A. Marcolini, Rotorcraft Noise Model, American Helicopter Society Technical Specialists' Meeting for Rotorcraft Acoustics and Aerodynamics, Williamsburg, Virginia, October 28-30, 1997, (1MB)

NASA-97-ahs-rs.pdf - Pages: 10 - Ramakrishnan Shanmugasundaram, Javier A. Garriz and Jamshid A. Samareh, The Development of a Tool for Semi-Automated Generation of Structured and Unstructured Grids About Isolated Rotorcraft Blases, American Helicopter Society Technic

NASA-97-aj97-rdj.pdf - Pages: 31 - Ronald D. Joslin, Max D. Gunzburger, Roy A. Nicolaides, Gordon Erlebacher and M. Yousuff Hussaini, A Self-Contained, Automated Methodology for Optimal Flow Control, AIAA Journal, vol. 35, no. 5, May 1997, pp. 9, (312KB)

NASA-97-aps-mdd.pdf - Pages: 4 - M. D. Deshpande and M. C. Bailey, Analysis of Stub Loaded Microstrip Patch Antennas, 1997 IEEE AP-S International Symposium and URSI North American Radio Science Meeting, Montreal, Canada, July 13-18, 1997, (53KB)

NASA-97-ASME-djw.pdf - Pages: 6 - David J. Wing and Victor J. Giuliano, Fluidic Thrust Vectoring of an Axisymmetric Exhaust Nozzle at Static Conditions, ASME Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, FEDSM97-3228, June 22-26, 1997, pp. 6,

NASA-97-asslcflash-npb.pdf - Pages: 4 - Norman P. Barnes, Keith E. Murray and Brian M. Walsh, Flashlamp Pumped, Room Temperature, ND:YAG Laser Operating at 0.946 Micrometers, Advanced Solid State Laser Conference, Orlando, Florida, January 26-31, 1997, (305KB)

NASA-97-asslc-jawb.pdf - Pages: 3 - Julie A. Williams-Byrd, Upendra N. Singh, Norman P. Barnes, George E. Lockard, Edward A. Modlin and Jirong Yu, Room-Temperature, Diode-Pumped Ho:Tm:YLF Laser Amplifiers Generating 700 mJ at 2-um, Advanced Solid State Laser Confere

NASA-97-asslcnd-npb.pdf - Pages: 4 - Norman P. Barnes, Keith E. Murray, Brian M. Walsh, Vida K. Castillo and Gregory J. Quarles, Nd:LuLF, a New Nd Laser Material, Advanced Solid State Laser Conference, Orlando, Florida, January 26-31, 1997, (330KB)

NASA-97-asslc-npb.pdf - Pages: 3 - Norman P. Barnes, Keith E. Murray, Brian M. Walsh and Ralph L. Hutcheson, Ho:Tm:Er:LuAG and Two Wavelength Oscillation, Advanced Solid State Laser Conference, Orlando, Florida, January 26-31, 1997, (306KB)

NASA-97-ceas-mwn.pdf - Pages: 8 - Mark W. Nixon, Raynmond G. Kvaternik and T.Ben Settle, Higher Harmonic Control for Tilrotor Vibration Reduction, CEAS/AIDAA/AIAA International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics, University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy, Jun

NASA-97-ceas-rwm.pdf - Pages: 8 - Robert W. Moses, Active Vertical Tail Buffeting Alleviation on a Twin-Tail Fighter Configuration in a Wind Tunnel, CEAS International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics 1997, Rome, Italy, June 17-20, 1997, pp. 8, (4MB)

NASA-97-citmmo-glg.pdf - Pages: 26 - Gretchen L. Gottlich, John M. Meyer, Michael L. Nelson and David J. Bianco, Integrating Information Technologies Into Large Organizations J. Liebowitz and M. Khosrowpour, eds., , March, 1997, pp. 209-224, Idea Group Publishing, Ch

NASA-97-cp3360.pdf - Pages: 427 - J. W. Wilson, J. Miller, A. Konradi and F. A. Cucinotta, Editors, Shielding Strategies for Human Space Exploration, NASA CP-3360, December 1997, pp. 456, (4MB)

NASA-97-cr201623.pdf - Pages: 148 - Anthony W. Warren, Robert W. Schwab, Timothy J. Geels and Arek Shakarian, Conflict Probe Concepts Analysis in Support of Free Flight, NASA CR-201623, January 1997, pp. 148, (772KB)

NASA-97-cr201653.pdf - Pages: 60 - C. L. Blackburn, C. G. Lotts and B. H. Mason, A Users' Manual and Tutorial for Performing COMET Structural Analyses Using an Advanced User-Friendly Interface, NASA CR-201653, January 1997, pp. 60, (2MB)

NASA-97-cr201668.pdf - Pages: 11 - David S. Dawicke, Overload and Underload Effects on the Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of the 2024-T3 Aluminum Alloy, NASA CR-201668, March 1997, pp. 10, (452KB)

NASA-97-cr201669.pdf - Pages: 12 - Alice C. Chang, Adhesive Properties of Cured Phenylethynyl Containing Imides, NASA CR-201669, March 1997, pp. 12, (532KB)

NASA-97-cr201678.pdf - Pages: 76 - Earl R. Wingrove, III, Jesse P. Johnson, Robin G. Sickles and David H. Good, The ASAC Air Carrier Investment Model (Second Generation), NASA CR-201678, April 1997, pp. 77, (610KB)

NASA-97-cr201679.pdf - Pages: 196 - Bruce J. Kaplan, David A. Lee, Nusrat Retina, Earl R. Wingrove, III, Brett Malone, Stephen G. Hall and Scott A. Houser, The ASAC Flight Segment and Network Cost Models, NASA CR-201679, April 1997, pp. 198, (9MB)

NASA-97-cr201680.pdf - Pages: 177 - Eileen Roberts, James A. Villani and Paul Ritter, Aviation System Analysis Capability (ASAC) Quick Response System (QRS) Test Report, NASA CR-201680, April 1997, pp. 178, (1MB)

NASA-97-cr201681.pdf - Pages: 189 - Eileen Roberts and James A. Villani, ASAC Executive Assistant Architecture Description Summary, NASA CR-201681, April 1997, pp. 191, (3MB)

NASA-97-cr201682.pdf - Pages: 106 - David A. Lee, Peter F. Kostiuk, Robert V. Hemm, Earl R. Wingrove, III and Gerald Shapiro, Estimating the Effects of the Terminal Area Productivity Program, NASA CR-201682, April 1997, pp. 106, Figures 3-3 and 3-4 are missing. (754KB

NASA-97-cr201683.pdf - Pages: 46 - Melissa Burn, Jeffrey Carey, Joseph Czech and Earl R. Wingrove, III, The Flight Track Noise Impact Model, NASA CR-201683, April 1997, pp. 45, (466KB)

NASA-97-cr201686.pdf - Pages: 78 - Bradford E. Green, An Approach to the Constrained Design of Natural Laminar Flow Airfoils, NASA CR-201686, February 1997, pp. 78, (506KB)

NASA-97-cr201687.pdf - Pages: 43 - C. Michael Fremaux, Spin-Tunnel Investigation of a 1/28-Scale Model of the NASA F-18 High Alpha Research Vehicle (HARV) With and Without Vertical Tails, NASA CR-201687, April 1997, pp. 43, (4MB)

NASA-97-cr201692.pdf - Pages: 25 - M. D. Deshpande, Analysis of Discontinuities in a Rectangular Waveguide Using Dyadic Green's Function Approach in Conjunction With Method of Moments, NASA CR-201692, April 1997, pp. 25, (138KB)

NASA-97-cr201701.pdf - Pages: 18 - James L. Blackshire, PIV Data Validation Software Package, NASA CR-201701, June 1997, pp. 18, (83KB)

NASA-97-cr201710.pdf - Pages: 39 - Manohar D. Deshpande, Analysis of Waveguide Junction Discontinuities Using Finite Element Method, NASA CR-201710, July 1997, pp. 39, (317KB)

NASA-97-cr201720.pdf - Pages: 11 - Dion T. Fralick, W-band Free Space Permittivity Measurement Setup for Candidate Radome Materials, NASA CR-201720, August 1997, pp. 10, (542KB)

NASA-97-cr201722.pdf - Pages: 13 - Dana P. Hammond, Asynchronous Communication of TLNS3DMB Boundary Exchange, NASA CR-201722, June 1997, pp. 12, (238KB)

NASA-97-cr201728.pdf - Pages: 27 - John E. Masters, Translaminar Fracture Toughness of a Composite Wing Skin Made of Stitched Warp Knit Fabric, NASA CR-201728, November 1997, pp. 30, (757KB)

NASA-97-cr201729.pdf - Pages: 79 - Sam Owre, John Rushby and Natarajan Shankar, Analyzing Tabular and State-Transition Requirements Specifications in PVS, NASA CR-201729, July 1997, pp. 80, (3MB)

NASA-97-cr201730.pdf - Pages: 36 - C. J. Reddy and M. D. Deshpande, User's Manual for FEMOM3DS---Version 1.0, NASA CR-201730, August 1997, pp. 35, (565KB)

NASA-97-cr201733.pdf - Pages: 23 - Derek D. Hass, B. Durga Prasad, David E. Glass and Karl E. Wiedemann, Reflective Coating on Fibrous Insulation for Reduced Heat Transfer, NASA CR-201733, August 1997, pp. 24, (345KB)

NASA-97-cr201734.pdf - Pages: 26 - D. E. Glass, Bonding and Sealing Evaluations for Cryogenic Tanks, NASA CR-201734, August 1997, pp. 27, (238KB)

NASA-97-cr201743.pdf - Pages: 66 - Jessie C. Yeager, Pilot Evaluation Comments During Selected Maneuvers From Flight Tests of the HARV NASA-1A Control Law, NASA CR-201743, August 1997, pp. 64, (7MB)

NASA-97-cr201753.pdf - Pages: 14 - David E. Glass, Oxidation and Emittance Studies of Coated Mo-Re, NASA CR-201753, October 1997, pp. 16, (324KB)

NASA-97-cr206232.pdf - Pages: 29 - M. H. Dunn, TBIEM3D---A Computer Program for Predicting Ducted Fan Engine Noise, Version 1.1, NASA CR-97-206232, September 1997, pp. 31, (3MB)

NASA-97-cr206243.pdf - Pages: 117 - Stephen J. Alter, Surface Modeling and Grid Generation of Orbital Sciences X34 Vehicle (Phase I), NASA/CR-97-206243, November 1997, pp. 117, (247MB)

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NASA-97-cr206260.pdf - Pages: 90 - Robert E. Marshall, Ashok Mudukutore, Vicki Wissel and Theodore Myers, Three-Centimeter Doppler Radar Observations of Wingtip-Generated Wake Vortices in Clear Air, NASA/CR-97-206260, December 1997, pp. 90, (7MB)

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