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NASA-96-10css-mhl.pdf - Pages: 19 - M. H. Lucy, R. C. Hardy, E. H. Kist, J. J. Watson and S. A. Wise, Report on Alternative Devices to Pyrotechnics on Spacecraft, 10th Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites, Logan, Utah, September 16-19, 1996, (2MB)

NASA-96-14assm-arj.pdf - Pages: 12 - Arthur R. Johnson and Alexander Tessler, Viscous Effects in the Elastodynamics of Thick Beams, 14th Army Symposium on Solid Mechanics, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, October 1996, pp. 11, (126KB)

NASA-96-14assm-kej.pdf - Pages: 14 - Karen E. Jackson and W. H. Prosser, Damage Initiation and Ultimate Tensile Strength of Scaled [0degsub{n}, 90degsub{n}, 0degsub{n}]subT Graphite-Epoxy Coupons, 14th U.S. Army Symposium on Solid Mechanics, Myrtle Beach, South Carol

NASA-96-14icaari-jjs.pdf - Pages: 4 - J. J. Singh, Microstructural Characterization of Polymers With Positrons, 14th International Conference on the Applications of Accelerators in Research and Industry, Denton, Texas, November 6-9, 1996, (347KB)

NASA-96-17asem-bdj.pdf - Pages: 7 - B. D. Joshi, R. Unal, N. H. White and W. D. Morris, A Framework for the Optimization of Discrete-Event Simulation Models, 17th American Society for Engineering Management National Conference, Dallas, Texas, October 10-12, 1996, pp

NASA-96-1imapcr-boetjy.pdf - Pages: 9 - Thomas J. Yager, NASA Boeing 737 Aircraft Test Results From 1996 Joint Winter Runway Friction Measurement Program, First International Meeting on Aircraft Performance on Contaminated Runways (IMAPCR '96), Montreal, Quebec, Oct

NASA-96-1imapcr-runtjy.pdf - Pages: 16 - Thomas J. Yager, The Joint Winter Runway Friction Measurement Program---NASA Perspective, First International Meeting on Airfcraft Performance on Contaminated Runways (IMAPCR '96), Montreal, Quebec, October 22-23, 1996, (2MB)

NASA-96-1nihsrcaw-awb.pdf - Pages: 18 - A. W. Burner, R. A. Wahls, L. R. Owens, Jr. and W. K. Goad, Model Deformation Measurement Technique - NASA Langley HSR Experiences, First NASA/Industry High-Speed Research Configuration Aerodynamics Workshop, Hampton, Virginia,

NASA-96-20asc-sag.pdf - Pages: 5 - S. A. Gorton, J. F. Meyers and J. D. Berry, Laser Velocimetry and Doppler Global Velocimetry Measurements of Velocity Near the Empennage of a Small-Scale Helicopter Model, 20th Army Science Conference, Norfolk, Virginia, June 24-27

NASA-96-28istc-ccp.pdf - Pages: 17 - Clarence C. Poe, Jr., Mechanics Methodology for Textile Preform Composite Materials, 28th International SAMPE Technical Conference, Seattle, WA, November 4-7, 1996, pp. 17, Appeared in Proceedings of the 28th International SAMPE T

NASA-96-2cawbp-ksb.pdf - Pages: 7 - Kenneth S. Brentner, Jared S. Cox, Christopher L. Rumsey and Bassam A Younis, Computation of Sound Generated by Flow Over a Circular Cylinder: An Acoustic Analogy Approach, Second Computational Aeroacoustics Workshop on Benchmark

NASA-96-40hfes-pcs.pdf - Pages: 6 - Paul C. Schutte and Anna C. Trujillo, Flight Crew Task Management in Non-Normal Situations, 40th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 2-6, 1996, pp. 6, (101KB)

NASA-96-4cic-djj.pdf - Pages: 4 - Daniel J. Jobson, Zia-ur Rahman and Glenn A. Woodell, Retinex Image Processing: Improved Fidelity to Direct Visual Observation, Fourth Color Imaging Conference: Color Science, Systems and Applications, Scottsdale, Arizona, November

NASA-96-52ahaf-sag.pdf - Pages: 15 - S. A. Gorton, J. F. Meyers and J. D. Berry, Velocity Measurements Near the Empennage of a Small-Scale Helicopter Model, American Helicopter Society Forum 52, Washington, DC, June 4-6, 1996, pp. 15, (2MB)

NASA-96-8isaltfm-jfm.pdf - Pages: 24 - James F. Meyers, Evolution of Doppler Global Velocimetry Data Processing, Eighth International Symposium on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics, Lisbon, Portugal, July 8-11, 1996, (6MB)

NASA-96-agardfdp.dah.pdf - Pages: 11 - D. A. Hinton, An Aircraft Vortex Spacing System (AVOSS) for Dynamical Wake Vortex Spacing Criteria, 78th Fluid Dynamics Panel Symposium, Trondheim, Norway, May 20-23, 1996, (69KB)

NASA-96-ahs_forum.ksb.pdf - Pages: 12 - Kenneth S. Brentner, Anastasios S. Lyrintzis and Evangelos K. Koutsavdis, A Comparison of Computational Aeroacoustic Prediction Methods for Transonic Rotor Noise, American Helicopter Society 52nd Annual Forum, Washington, D.C.,

NASA-96-ai96p-dmb.pdf - Pages: 12 - Dennis M. Bushnell, Frontiers of the 'Responsibly Imaginable' in Aeronautics, Aero India '96 Proceedings, Bangalore, India, December 3-6, 1996, pp. 12, (457KB)

NASA-96-aiaaj-rdj.pdf - Pages: 4 - Ronald D. Joslin, Simulation of Three-Dimensional Symmetric and Asymmetric Instabilities in Attachment-Line Boundary Layers, AIAA Journal, vol. 34, no. 11, November 1996, pp. 2432-2434, (131KB)

NASA-96-aiaaj-wrw.pdf - Pages: 20 - Willie R. Watson, Michael G. Jones, Sharon E. Tanner and Tony L. Parrott, Validation of a Numerical Method for Extracting Liner Impedance, AIAA Journal, vol. Volume 34, no. 3, March, 1996, pp. 548-554, (133KB)

NASA-96-amtas-rlc.pdf - Pages: 6 - R. L. Cravey, M. D. Deshpande, C. J. Reddy and P. I. Tiemsin, Evaluation of Complex Permittivities of Multilayer Dielectric Substrates at Microwave Frequencies Using Waveguide Measurements, 1996 Antenna Measurement Techniques Assoc

NASA-96-asme-wkw.pdf - Pages: 11 - W. Keats Wilkie, W. Keith Belvin and K. C. Park, Aeroelastic Analysis of Helicopter Rotor Blades Incorporating Anisotropic Piezoelectric Twist Actuation, 1996 Fall American Society of Mechanical Engineers Congress and Exhibition, At

NASA-96-assl-ccj.pdf - Pages: 6 - C. C. Johnson, D. J. Reichle, Jr., N. P. Barnes, G. J. Quarles, J. W. Early and N. J. Cockroft, High Energy Diode Side-Pumped Cr:LiSAF Laser, Advanced Solid State Lasers Topical Meeting, San Francisco, California, January 31--Februa

NASA-96-cas-mln.pdf - Pages: 6 - Michael L. Nelson and David E. Cordner, The Workstation Clustering Environment at NASA Langley Research Center, 3rd Annual Computational Aerosciences (CAS) Workshop, Mountain View, CA, August 13-15, 1996, pp. 6, (96KB)

NASA-96-cnde-whp.pdf - Pages: 8 - William H. Prosser, Applications of Advanced, Waveform Based AE Techniques for Testing Composite Materials, SPIE Conference on Nondestructive Evaluation Techniques for Aging Infrastructure and Manufacturing: Materials and Composites

NASA-96-cpne.xhs.pdf - Pages: 25 - Xian-He Sun and Stuti Moitra, Performance Comparison of a Set of Periodic and Non-Periodic Tridiagonal Solvers on SP2 and Paragon Parallel Computers, Concurrency: Practice and Experience, vol. 9, no. 8, 1997, pp. 781-801, (196KB)

NASA-96-cr198269.pdf - Pages: 36 - Eugene A. Morelli, Parameter Identification Flight Test Maneuvers for Closed Loop Modeling of the F-18 High Alpha Research Vehicle (HARV), CR-198269, May 1996, pp. 35, (2MB)

NASA-96-cr198276.pdf - Pages: 33 - Bart A. Singer, Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Wall-Pressure Fluctuations, NASA CR-198276, February 1996, pp. 33, (596KB)

NASA-96-cr198288.pdf - Pages: 13 - S. Gupta, Constrained Solutions of a System of Matrix Equations, NASA CR-198288, February 1996, pp. 13, (63KB)

NASA-96-cr198289.pdf - Pages: 10 - J. Rushby, A Formally Verified Algorithm for Clock Synchronization Under a Hybrid Fault Model, NASA CR-198289, March 1996, pp. 41, (75KB)

NASA-96-cr198297.pdf - Pages: 12 - B. A. Singer, Turbulent Wall-Pressure Fluctuations: New Model for Off-Axis Cross-Spectral Density, NASA CR-198297, March 1996, pp. 11, (185KB) Corrected Copy (December 1996)

NASA-96-cr201592.pdf - Pages: 71 - M. B. Lance, CLMNANAL: A C++ Program for Application of the Coleman Stability Analysis to Rotorcraft, NASA CR-201592, August 1996, pp. 71, (101KB)

NASA-96-cr201593.pdf - Pages: 87 - D. S. Prichard, ROTONET Primer, NASA CR-201593, October 1996, pp. 87, (210KB)

NASA-96-cr201607.pdf - Pages: 83 - G. F. Switzer and C. L. Britt, Performance of the NASA Airborne Radar With the Windshear Database for Forward-Looking Systems, NASA CR-201607, September 1996, pp. 85, (643KB)

NASA-96-cr201633.pdf - Pages: 640 - Brian R. Hollis, Experimental and Computational Aerothermodynamics of a Mars Entry Vehicle, NASA CR-201633, December 1996, pp. 638, (26MB)

NASA-96-cr201635.pdf - Pages: 12 - Sandra V. Koppen, A Description of the Software Element of the NASA EME Flight Tests, NASA CR-201635, December 1996, pp. 10, (126KB)

NASA-96-cr4709.pdf - Pages: 225 - W. E. Milholen, II and N. Chokani, Computational Analysis of Semi-Span Model Test Techniques, CR-4709, March 1996, pp. 225, (25MB)

NASA-96-cr4713.pdf - Pages: 94 - Sandeep Gupta, Robust Stabilization of Uncertain Systems Based on Energy Dissipation Concepts, NASA CR-4713, March 1996, pp. 94, (323KB)

NASA-96-cr4741.pdf - Pages: 42 - J. Crow, Finite-State Analysis of Space Shuttle Contingency Guidance Requirements, NASA CR-4741, May 1996, pp. 43, (158KB)

NASA-96-cr4747.pdf - Pages: 34 - J. Delbrey, Database of Mechanical Properties for Textile Composites, NASA CR-4747, August 1996, pp. 34, (359KB)

NASA-96-cr4749.pdf - Pages: 45 - K. E. Tatum, Computation of Thermally Perfect Properties of Oblique Shock Waves, NASA CR-4749, August 1996, pp. 45, (1MB)

NASA-96-cr4751.pdf - Pages: 82 - J. E. Masters and M. A. Portanova, Standard Test Methods for Textile Composites, NASA CR-4751, September 1996, pp. 82, (311KB)

NASA-96-cr4752.pdf - Pages: 93 - B. L. Di Vito and L. W. Roberts, Using Formal Methods to Assist in the Requirements Analysis of the Space Shuttle GPS Change Request, NASA CR-4752, August 1996, pp. 93, (1MB)

NASA-96-cr4755.pdf - Pages: 65 - B. R. Hollis, Real-Gas Flow Properties for NASA Langley Research Center Aerothermodynamic Facilities Complex Wind Tunnels, NASA CR-4755, September 1996, pp. 62, (375KB)

NASA-96-cr4756.pdf - Pages: 43 - G. F. Switzer, Validation Tests of TASS for Application to 3-D Vortex Simulations, NASA CR-4756, October 1996, pp. 43, (1MB)

NASA-96-cr4758.pdf - Pages: 30 - C. J. Reddy and M. D. Deshpande, Application of AWE for RCS Frequency Response Calculations Using Method of Moment, NASA CR-4758, October 1996, pp. 29, (159KB)

NASA-96-cr4761.pdf - Pages: 14 - M. W. Hooker, Preparation and Properties of High-Tsub{c} Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Thick Film Superconductors on YSZ Substrates, NASA CR-4761, December 1996, pp. 14, (575KB)

NASA-96-dasc-scj.pdf - Pages: 6 - S. C. Johnson, D. K. Chin, R. B. Rovinsky, P. F. Kostiuk, D. A. Lee, R. V. Hemm and E. R. Wingrove, III, Reduction of Weather-Related Terminal Area Delays in the Free-Flight Era, IEEE/AIAA Digital Avionics Systems Conference and Tec

NASA-96-fdr-rdj.pdf - Pages: 37 - Ronald D. Joslin, Simulation of Nonlinear Instabilities in an Attachment-Line Boundary Layer, Fluid Dynamics Research, vol. 18, no. 2, October 1996, pp. 81-97, (243KB)

NASA-96-fedc.rdj.pdf - Pages: 8 - Ronald D. Joslin, Max D. Gunzburger, Roy A. Nicolaides, Gordon Erlebacher and M. Yousuff Hussaini, A Methodology for the Automated Optimal Control of Flows including Transitional Flows, 1996 ASME Fluids Engineering Division Conferen

NASA-96-icas-pda.pdf - Pages: 12 - P. D. Arbuckle, M. S. Lewis, and D. A. Hinton, Airborne Systems Technology Application to the Windshear Threat, 20th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences, Sorrento, Italy, ICAS Paper No. 96-5.7.1, Septe

NASA-96-icfmcad-psm.pdf - Pages: 16 - Paul S. Miner and James F. Leathrum, Jr., Verification of IEEE Compliant Subtractive Division Algorithms, International Conference on Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design, Palo Alto, California, November 6-8, 1996, (70KB)

NASA-96-icngg5.cwm.pdf - Pages: 10 - C. W. Mastin, Arc Length Based Grid Distribution for Surface and Volume Grids, Fifth International Conference on Numerical Grid Generation in Computational Field Simulations, Starkville, Mississippi, April 1-5, 1996, In Proceeding

NASA-96-ieeetap-cjr.pdf - Pages: 26 - C. J. Reddy, M. D. Deshpande, C. R. Cockrell and F. B. Beck, Radiation Characteristics of Cavity Backed Aperture Antennas in Finite Ground Plane Using the Hybrid FEM/MoM Technique and Geometrical Theory of Diffraction, IEEE Trans

NASA-96-igars-sm.pdf - Pages: 3 - S. Mayor, W. L. Smith, Jr., L. Nguyen, T. A. Alberta, P. Minnis, C. H. Whitlock and G. L. Schuster, Asymmetry in the Diurnal Variation of Surface Albedo, International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, Lincoln, Nebraska, May

NASA-96-ilrc-asm.pdf - Pages: 8 - A. S. Moore, K. E. Brown, W. M. Hall, J. C. Barnes, W. C. Edwards, L. B. Petway, A. D. Little, W. S. Luck, I. W. Jones, C. W. Antill, E. V. Browell and S. Ismail, Development of the Lidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment (LASE) - An A

NASA-96-ilrc-rec.pdf - Pages: 4 - R. E. Campbell, E. V. Browell, S. Ismail, A. E. Dudelzak, A. I. Carswell and A. Ulitsky, Feasibility Study for a Spaceborne Ozone/Aerosol Lidar System, 18th International Laser Radar Conference (ILRC), Berlin, Germany, July 22-26, 1

NASA-96-ipc.nmh.pdf - Pages: 23 - Nancy Holloway, Fabricating Adhesiveless Polyimide Multilayer Flex Circuits, IPC National Conference on Flex Circuits, Bedford, Massachusetts, April 22-23, 1996, (6MB)

NASA-96-isisam-haa.pdf - Pages: 9 - H. A. Aldridge and J-N. Juang, System Wide Joint Position Sensor Fault Tolerance in Robot Systems Using Cartesian Accelerometers, SPIE's International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Advanced Manufacturing, Boston, Massachuse

NASA-96-jae-whp.pdf - Pages: 12 - William H. Prosser, Advanced AE Techniques in Composite Material Research, Journal of Acoustic Emission, vol. 14, no. 3-4, 1996, pp. 1-11, (147KB)

NASA-96-jam-mrg.pdf - Pages: 9 - M. R. Gorman and W. H. Prosser, Application of Normal Mode Expansion to AE Waves in Finite Plates, Transaction of the ASME: Journal of Applied Mechanics, vol. 63, no. 2, June, 1996, pp. 555-557, (74KB)

NASA-96-jcp-wka.pdf - Pages: 15 - W. K. Anderson, Russ D. Rausch and Daryl L. Bonhaus, Implicit/Multigrid Algorithms for Incompressible Turbulent Flows on Unstructured Grids, Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 128, no. 2, October 15,1996, pp. 391-408, (4MB)

NASA-96-jfe-rdj.pdf - Pages: 14 - Ronald D. Joslin, Gordon Erlebacher and M. Y. Hussaini, Active Control of Instabilities in Laminar Boundary Layers---Overview and Concept Validation, Journal of Fluids Engineering, vol. 118, September 1996, pp. 494-497, (84KB)

NASA-96-jgcd2-kbl.pdf - Pages: 13 - Kyong B. Lim, Robust Control Design Framework for Substructure Models, Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, vol. 19, no. 1, January-February, 1996, pp. 181-190, (332KB) Also appeared as AIAA Paper No 94-1699

NASA-96-jgcd-kbl.pdf - Pages: 26 - K. B. Lim and W. Gawronski, Hankel Singular Values of Flexible Structures in Discrete Time, Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, vol. 19, no. 6, November--December 1996, pp. 1370-1377, (243KB) Also appeared as AIAA Paper 96-3

NASA-96-jgcd-pgm.pdf - Pages: 32 - P. G. Maghami and D. P. Giesy, Efficient Computation of Closed-Loop Frequency Response Matrices for Large Order Flexible Systems, Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, vol. 19, no. 4, July--August 1996, pp. 780-786, (122KB)

NASA-96-jgcd-pgm2.pdf - Pages: 34 - Peiman G. Maghami, Sandeep Gupta, Kenny B. Elliot and Suresh M. Joshi, Integrated Controls-Structures Design Methodology: Redesign of an Evolutionary Test Structure, Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, vol. 19, no. 2, March

NASA-96-jgcd-pgm3.pdf - Pages: 35 - Peiman G. Maghami, Sandeep Gupta, Kenny B. Elliot and Joseph E. Walz, Experimental Validation of an Integrated Controls-Structures Design Methodology, Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, vol. 19, no. 2, March-April, 1996, p

NASA-96-jpjsm-dfp.pdf - Pages: 8 - D. F. Perey, A Portable Surface Contamination Monitor Based on the Principle of Optically Stimulated Electron Emission (OSEE), 1996 JANNAF Propulsion and Joint Subcommittee Meetings, Albuquerque, New Mexico, December 9-13, 1996, pp

NASA-96-jpp-jvs.pdf - Pages: 11 - John V. Shebalin, Absolute Equilibrium Entropy, Journal of Plasma Physics, vol. 56, December 1996, pp. 419-426, (50KB)

NASA-96-jpsjm-glp.pdf - Pages: 16 - G. L. Pellett, Review of HsubxPsubyOsubz---Catalyzed H + OH Recombination in Scramjet Nozzle Expansions; and Possible Phosphoric Acid Enhancement of Scramjet Flameholding, From Extinction of Hsub3POsub4+Hsub2---Air Counterflow Diff

NASA-96-mrs-jos.pdf - Pages: 6 - J. O. Simpson, Z. Ounaies and C. C. Fay, Polarization and Piezoelectric Properties of a Nitrile Substituted Polyimide, Materials Research Society 1996 Fall Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, December 2-6, 1996, (720KB)

NASA-96-mrs-zo.pdf - Pages: 6 - Z. Ounaies, J. A. Young, J. O. Simpson and B. L. Farmer, Dielectric Properties of Piezoelectric Polyimides, Materials Research Society 1996 Fall Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, December 2-6, 1996, pp. 6, (659KB)

NASA-96-ncnce-yyt.pdf - Pages: 7 - Yvette Y. Tang, Richard J. Silcox and Jay H. Robinson, Modeling of Sound Transmission Through Shell Structures With Turbulent Boundary Layer Excitation, 1996 National Conference on Noise Control Engineering (NOISE-CON 96), Bellevue

NASA-96-pse4-jww.pdf - Pages: 10 - J. W. Wilson, F. A. Cucinotta, J. L. Shinn, L. C. Simonsen and F. F. Badavi, Overview of HZETRN and BRNTRN Space Radiation Shielding Codes, Photonics for Space Environments IV, Denver, Colorado, August 4-9, 1996, (1MB)

NASA-96-scaas-jhs.pdf - Pages: 12 - James H. Starnes, Jr., Cheryl A. Rose and Charles C. Rankin, Effects of Combined Loads on the Nonlinear Response and Residual Strength of Damaged Stiffened Shells, FAA/NASA Symposium on Continued Airworthiness of Aircraft Structure

NASA-96-spie-jlp.pdf - Pages: 13 - Jennifer L. Pinkerton, Anna-Maria R. McGowan, Robert W. Moses, Robert C. Scott and Jennifer Heeg, Controlled Aeroelastic Response and Airfoil Shaping Using Adaptive Materials and Integrated Systems, SPIE's 1996 Symposium on Smart St

NASA-96-thermo.kec.pdf - Pages: 9 - K. Elliott Cramer and William P. Winfree, Thermal Characterization of Defects in Aircraft Structures Via Spatially Controlled Heat Application, Thermosense XVIII, Orlando, Florida, April 8-12, 1996, (254KB)

NASA-96-tm109039.pdf - Pages: 28 - L. G. Horta, J-N. Juang and C-W. Chen, Frequency Domain Identification Toolbox, NASA TM-109039, September 1996, pp. 28, (144KB)

NASA-96-tm109041.pdf - Pages: 81 - T. S. Daniels and T. L. Jordan, Dynamic Stability Instrumentation System (DSIS) Volume II: Operation Software Manual, TM-109041, April 1996, pp. 81, (224KB)

NASA-96-tm110215.pdf - Pages: 84 - Christian M. Fernholz and Jay H. Robinson, Fully-Coupled Fluid/Structure Vibration Analysis Using MSC/NASTRAN, NASA TM-110215, January 1996, pp. 84, (3.6MB)

NASA-96-tm110216.pdf - Pages: 160 - M. D. Messina, M. E. Strickland, K. D. Hoffler, S. W. Carzoo, W. T. Bundick, J. C. Yeager and F. L. Beissner, Jr., Simulation Model of the F/A-18 High Angle-of-Attack Research Vehicle Utilized for the Design of Advanced Control Laws

NASA-96-tm110218.pdf - Pages: 21 - H. D. Fuhrmann and E. C. Stewart, An Evaluation of the Measurement Requirements for an In-Situ Wake Vortex Detection System, TM-110218, May 1996, pp. 21, (969KB) The PDF file of this paper is missing figures 1, 3, and 4.

NASA-96-tm110223.pdf - Pages: 15 - H. M Reimer and D. D. Vicroy, A Preliminary Study of a Wake Vortex Encounter Hazard Boundary for a B737-100 Airplane, NASA TM-110223, April 1996, pp. 14, (697KB)

NASA-96-tm110226.pdf - Pages: 166 - M. A. Scott, Time Varying Compensator Design for Reconfigurable Structures Using Non-Collocated Feedback, NASA TM-110226, October 1996, pp. 166, (928KB)

NASA-96-tm110229.pdf - Pages: 24 - Alpheus W. Burner, Richard A. Wahls and William K. Goad, Wing Twist Measurements at the National Transonic Facility, NASA TM 110229, February 1996, pp. 23, (2MB)

NASA-96-tm110239.pdf - Pages: 16 - J. A. Woods-Vedeler and L. G. Horta, On-Orbit Application of H-Infinity to the Middeck Active Controls Experiment: Overview of Results, TM-110239, March 1996, pp. 16, (503KB)

NASA-96-tm110241.pdf - Pages: 53 - J. L. Rogers, DeMAID/GA User's Guide---Design Manager's Aid for Intelligent Decomposition With a Genetic Algorithm, TM-110241, April 1996, pp. 53, (375KB)

NASA-96-tm110243.pdf - Pages: 11 - R. S. Piascik and J. C. Newman, Jr., An Extended Compact Tension Specimen for Fatigue Crack Propagation and Fracture, TM-110243, March 1996, pp. 11, (471KB)

NASA-96-tm110246.pdf - Pages: 20 - T. B. Gatski, Prediction of Airfoil Characteristics With Higher Order Turbulence Models, TM-110246, April 1996, pp. 20, (210KB)

NASA-96-tm110247.pdf - Pages: 13 - J. L. Rogers, C. M. McCulley and C. L. Bloebaum, Integrating a Genetic Algorithm Into a Knowledge-Based System for Ordering Complex Design Processes, TM-110247, April 1996, pp. 13, (140KB)

NASA-96-tm110250.pdf - Pages: 89 - C. M. Fernholz and J. H. Robinson, The Influence of Lamination Angles on Interior Noise Levels of an Aircraft, NASA TM-110250, August 1996, pp. 89, (3MB)

NASA-96-tm110252.pdf - Pages: 62 - W. K. Wilkie and K. C. Park, An Aeroelastic Analysis of Helicopter Rotor Blades Incorporating Piezoelectric Fiber Composite Twist Actuation, NASA TM-110252, May 1996, pp. 62, (612KB)

NASA-96-tm110254.pdf - Pages: 25 - S. M. Joshi and A. G. Kelkar, On Longitudinal Control of High Speed Aircraft in the Presence of Aeroelastic Modes, NASA TM-110254, May 1996, pp. 25, (439KB)

NASA-96-tm110255.pdf - Pages: 32 - R. W. Butler, An Introduction to Requirements Capture Using PVS: Specification of a Simple Autopilot, NASA TM-110255, May 1996, pp. 33, (101KB)

NASA-96-tm110256.pdf - Pages: 37 - G. P. Warren and J. M. Seaton, A Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Computer Infrastructure for K-12 Schools, TM-110256, April 1996, pp. 37, (461KB)

NASA-96-tm110260.pdf - Pages: 15 - A. R. Johnson and A. Tessler, A Viscoelastic Higher-Order Beam Finite Element, TM-110260, June 1996, pp. 15, Also presented at MAFELAP 1996 (Ninth Conference on the Mathematics of Finite Elements and Applications) held June 25-28, 1

NASA-96-tm110262.pdf - Pages: 12 - W. A. Wood, Multigrid Approach to Incompressible Viscous Cavity Flows, NASA TM-110262, May 1996, pp. 12, (644KB)

NASA-96-tm110265.pdf - Pages: 31 - S. V. Tsynkov, Artificial Boundary Conditions Based on the Difference Potentials Method, NASA TM-110265, July 1996, pp. 31, (163KB)

NASA-96-tm110271.pdf - Pages: 35 - B. J. Holmes, (Re)inventing Government-Industry R&D Collaboration, NASA TM-110271, August 1996, pp. 35, (82KB)

NASA-96-tm110274.pdf - Pages: 18 - Ricky W. Butler, Paul S. Miner, Mandayam K. Srivas, Dave A. Greve and Steven P. Miller, A Bitvectors Library for PVS, NASA TM-110274, August 1996, pp. 18, (72KB)

NASA-96-tm110275.pdf - Pages: 33 - M. L. Morris, Evaluation of Alternatives for Trichlorotrifluoroethane (CFC-113) to Clean and Verify Liquid Oxygen Systems, NASA TM-110275, September 1996, pp. 33, (230KB)

NASA-96-tm110276.pdf - Pages: 17 - V. Mukhopadhyay, An Interactive Software for Conceptual Wing Flutter Analysis and Parametric Study, NASA TM-110276, August 1996, pp. 17, (193KB)

NASA-96-tm110277.pdf - Pages: 20 - D. J. Baker and C. Q. Rousseau, Design and Evaluation of a Bolted Joint for a Discrete Carbon-Epoxy Rod-Reinforced Hat Section, NASA TM-110277, September 1996, pp. 20, (6MB)

NASA-96-tm110282.pdf - Pages: 14 - Robert W. Moses and Ed Pendleton, A Comparison of Pressure Measurements Between a Full-Scale and a 1/6-Scale F/A-18 Twin Tail During Buffet, NASA TM-110282, August 1996, pp. 13, Also presented and included in the proceedings of the

NASA-96-tm110285.pdf - Pages: 113 - F. Farassat, The Kirchhoff Formulas for Moving Surfaces in Aeroacoustics---The Subsonic and Supersonic Cases, NASA TM-110285, September 1996, pp. 112, (580KB)

NASA-96-tm110286.pdf - Pages: 25 - J. R. Cruz, C. H. Shah and A. S. Postyn, Properties of Two Carbon Composite Materials Using LTM25 Epoxy Resin, NASA TM-110286, November 1996, pp. 25, (345KB)

NASA-96-tm110290.pdf - Pages: 38 - L. J. Foernsler, Integration of Multiple Non-Normal Checklist Procedures Into a Single Checklist Procedure for Transport Aircraft---A Preliminary Investigation, NASA TM-110290, October 1996, pp. 38, (957KB)

NASA-96-tm110291.pdf - Pages: 8 - R. S. Pappa, S. E. Woodard and J-N. Juang, A Benchmark Problem for Development of Autonomous Structural Modal Indentification, NASA TM-110291, October 1996, pp. 8, (390KB) Also presented at the 15th International Modal Analysis Conf

NASA-96-tm110292.pdf - Pages: 14 - C. R. Cockrell and F. B. Beck, Asymptotic Waveform Evaluation (AWE) Technique for Frequency Domain Electromagnetic Analysis, NASA TM-110292, November 1996, (892KB)

NASA-96-tm110294.pdf - Pages: 19 - J. A. Kaplan, R. Chen, P. S. Kenney, C. M. Koval and B. K. Hutchinson, User's Guide for Flight Simulation Data Visualization Workstation, NASA TM-110294, November 1996, pp. 19, (349KB)

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