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14037.pdf - Pages: 178 - 14037 Basic Machines - Covers the simplest machine-levers; block and tackle; wheel and axle; inclined plane and wedges; screw and gears. Internal combustion engines and power trains have cursory coverage.

14075.pdf - Pages: 320 - 14075 Engineman 1 & C - Provides training on the following subject matter areas: Describes procedures for scheduling, administering, and supervising work; the purpose and nature of the Engineering Operational Sequencing System and Engineering Operational Casualty Control System; troubleshooting and corrective maintenance procedures for diesel engines, their accessories, reduction gears, main line shafts and shaft bearings; factors affecting engine performance and efficiency; construction, troubleshooting and maintenance of complex refrigeration and air conditioning systems, compressed air systems, auxiliary boilers, and hydraulic systems; procedures for engineering casualty control, maintaining engineering records and reports, conducting trials of engineering equipment and systems, and preparing for administrative and operational inspection.

14076.pdf - Pages: 230 - 14076 Engineman 2 - Prepares enlisted personnel for advancement to petty officer second class in the Engineman rating. This course includes the following topics: administration and training; measuring and repair instruments; internal combustion engines; speed controlling devices; refrigeration and air-conditioning; compressed air systems; laundry, mess deck, galley, scullery, and other auxiliary equipment; and lathe and machining operations.

14080.pdf - Pages: 290 - 14080 Equipment Operator, Advanced - Provides the basic information required for advanced equipment operators to perform the duties and responsibilities of the following positions: Transportation Supervisor; Air Detachment Equipment Supervisor; Crane Crew Supervisor; Project Supervisor; Quarry Supervisor; Crusher Supervisor; Concrete Batch Plant Supervisor; Asphalt Plant Supervisor; and Well Drilling Supervisor.

14081.pdf - Pages: 650 - 14081 Equipment Operator, Basic - Covers the principles and operations of electrical and hydraulic systems, engine systems, power trains, chassis systems, tractortrailers, dump trucks, front-end loaders, excavators, ditchers, graders, scrapers, dozers, rollers, cranes, paving equipment and miscellaneous equipment. Also covered are rules of the road, transportation operations, and rigging.

14105.pdf - Pages: 248 - 14105 Fluid Power - Presents the fundamentals of fluid power (hydraulics and pneumatics); emphasizes fluid power components and systems having general application in naval equipment. Intended as a basic reference for all Navy personnel whose duties require them to have a knowledge of the fundamentals of fluid power.

14111.pdf - Pages: 128 - 14111 Gas Turbine Systems Supervisor - Provides information needed by senior petty officers and chiefs responsible for the management, training, and administering of Gas Turbine Systems personnel. Subjects included are programs, reports, and records; power train and propulsion systems; and gas turbine maintenance.

engine3.pdf - Pages: 847 -