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NASA-98-10icfef-ntf.pdf - Pages: 12 - N.T. Frink and S.Z. Pirzadeh, Tetrahedral Finite-Volume Solutions to the Navier-Stokes Equations on Complex Configurations, 10th International Conference on Finite Elements in Fluids, Tucson, Arizona, January 5-9, 1998, pp. 11, (

NASA-98-13asc-mkc.pdf - Pages: 35 - Michael K. Cvitkovich, Ronald Krueger, T. Kevin O'Brien and Pierre J. Minguet, Debonding in Composite Skin/Stringer Configurations Under Multi-Axial Loading, 13th Annual Technical Conference of the American Society for Composites,

NASA-98-13asc-wlv.pdf - Pages: 16 - Wallace L. Vaughn, Elizabeth Shinn, Suraj Rawal and Joe Wright, Carbon-Carbon Composite Radiator Development for the EO-1 Spacecraft, American Society for Composites 13th Annual Technical Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, September

NASA-98-14ace-jfs.pdf - Pages: 8 - John Shaeffer and Kam W. Hom, Plate Scattering Visualization: Images, Near Fields, Currents, and Far Field Patterns, 14th Annual Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics, Monterey, California, March 16-20, 1998,

NASA-98-16asa-cap.pdf - Pages: 2 - C. A. Powell and B. M. Sullivan, Anticipated Effectiveness of Active Noise Control in Propeller Aircraft Interiors as Determined by Sound Quality Tests, 16th International Congress on Acoustics and 135th Meeting of the Acoustical S

NASA-98-17dasc-drj.pdf - Pages: 8 - Denise R. Jones and Steven D. Young, Airport Surface Movement Technologies---Atlanta Demonstration Overview, 17th Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Bellevue, Washington, October 31--November 6, 1998, pp. 8, (379KB)

NASA-98-17dasc-mrm.pdf - Pages: 7 - Mahyar R. Malekpour, Evaluation of Honeywell Recoverable Computer System (RCS) in Presence of Electromagnetic Effects, 17th Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Bellevue, Washington, October 31--November 6, 1998, (305KB)

NASA-98-17dasc-rwb.pdf - Pages: 8 - Ricky W. Butler, Steven P. Miller, James N. Potts and Victor A. Carreno, A Formal Methods Approach to the Analysis of Mode Confusion, 17th Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Bellevue, Washington, October 31--November 6, 1998, (1

NASA-98-17dasc-sdy.pdf - Pages: 9 - Steven D. Young, Comparison of A-SMGCS Requirements With Observed Performance of an Integrated Airport CNS System, 17th Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Bellevue, Washington, October 31--November 6, 1998, (1MB)

NASA-98-19asem-ru.pdf - Pages: 5 - Resit Unal, W. Douglas Morris, Nancy H. White and Roger A. Lepsch, Jr., Modeling and Simulation of Reliability and Maintainability Parameters for Reusable Launch Vehicles Using Design of Experiments, 19th American Society for Engin

NASA-98-19ilrc-asm.pdf - Pages: 3 - Alvah S. Moore and Leroy F. Matthews, Conversions to the Lidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment (LASE) Instrument for Nadir and Zenith Measurements, 19th International Laser Radar Conference, Annapolis, Maryland, July 6-10, 1998, (7

NASA-98-21aasm-jwc.pdf - Pages: 3 - John W. Connell, Chemistry, Adhesive and Composite Properties of Low Molecular Weight Phenylethynyl Terminated Oligomers, 21st Annual Adhesion Society Meeting, Savannah, Georgia, February 22-25, 1998, (448KB)

NASA-98-21amas-wsj.pdf - Pages: 3 - W. S. Johnson, Ted Q. Cobb, Sharon Lowther and T. L. St. Clair, Hybrid Titanium Composite Laminates: A New Aerospace Material, 21st Annual Adhesion Society Meeting, Savannah, Georgia, February 22-25, 1998, (515KB)

NASA-98-21asc-cgd.pdf - Pages: 6 - C. G. Davila, Tzi-Kang Chen and D. J. Baker, Analysis of Tile-Reinforced Composite Armor Part 1: Advanced Modeling and Strength Analyses, 21st Army Science Conference, Norfolk, Virginia, June 15-18, 1998, (2MB)

NASA-98-21icas-pda.pdf - Pages: 13 - P. Douglas Arbuckle, Kathy H. Abbott, Terence S. Abbott and Paul C. Schutte, Future Flight Decks, 21st Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences, Melbourne, Australia, September 13-18, 1998, (465KB)

NASA-98-21isrgd1-rgw.pdf - Pages: 8 - R. G. Wilmoth, D. F. Rault, R. W. Shane and R. H. Tolson, Rarefied Aerothermodynamic Predictions for Mars Global Surveyor, 21st International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Marseille, France, July 26-31, 1998, (1MB)

NASA-98-21isrgd2-rgw.pdf - Pages: 8 - R. G. Wilmoth, R. C. Blanchard and J. N. Moss, Rarefied Transitional Bridging of Blunt Body Aerodynamics, 21st International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics, July 26-31, 1998, (141KB)

NASA-98-21isrgd-ceg.pdf - Pages: 8 - C. E. Glass, A Parametric Study of Jet Interactions With Rarefied Flow, 21st International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Marseille, France, July 26-31, 1998, included in the Proceedings. (5MB)

NASA-98-25qnde-raw.pdf - Pages: 8 - Buzz A. Wincheski and MMin Namkung, Development of Very Low Frequency Self-Nulling Probe for Inspection of Thick Layered Aluminum Structures, 25th Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation Conference, Sno

NASA-98-25qnde-yap.pdf - Pages: 8 - Y. A. Plotnikov, Modeling of the Multiparameter Inverse Task of Transient Thermography, 25th Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation Conference, Snowbird, Utah, July 19-24, 1998, pp. 8, also appeared in

NASA-98-25qne-eim.pdf - Pages: 8 - E. I. Madaras, Ultrasonic Attenuation Results From Thermoplastic Resin Composites Undergoing Thermal and Fatigue Loading, 25th Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation Conference, Snowbird, Utah, July 19-

NASA-98-25qne-mds.pdf - Pages: 8 - Michael D. Seale and Eric I. Madaras, Lamb Wave Stiffness Characterization of Composites Undergoing Thermal-Mechanical Aging, 25th Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation Conference, Snowbird, Utah, July

NASA-98-2coaa-brs.pdf - Pages: 13 - B. R. Seshadri, J. C. Newman, Jr., D. S. Dawicke and R. D. Young, Fracture Analysis of the FAA/NASA Wide Stiffened Panels, Second Joint NASA/FAA/DoD Conference on Aging Aircraft, Williamsburg, Virginia, August 31--September 3, 1998

NASA-98-2coaa-rwm.pdf - Pages: 10 - Robert W. Moses, Active Vertical Tail Buffeting Alleviation on an F/A-18 Model in a Wind Tunnel, Second Joint NASA/FAA/DoD Conference on Aging Aircraft, Williamsburg, Virginia, August 31--September 3, 1998, (219KB)

NASA-98-2jcaa-jhs.pdf - Pages: 18 - James H. Starnes, Jr. and Cheryl A. Rose, Stable Tearing and Buckling Responses of Unstiffened Aluminum Shells With Long Cracks, Second Joint NASA/FAA/DoD Conference on Aging Aircraft, Williamsburg, Virginia, August 31--September 3

NASA-98-2jcaa-rdy.pdf - Pages: 19 - Richard D. Young, Marshall Rouse, Damodar R. Ambur and James H. Starnes, Jr., Residual Strength Pressure Tests and Nonlinear Analyses of Stringer- and Frame-Stiffened Aluminum Fuselage Panels With Longitudinal Cracks, Second Joint

NASA-98-32cospar-jww.pdf - Pages: 15 - J. W. Wilson, F. A. Cucinotta, M. Y. Kim, J. L. Shinn, T. D. Jones and C. K. Chang, Biological Response to SPE Exposures, 32nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Nagoya, Japan, July 12-19, 1998, (2MB)

NASA-98-32cospar-mhk.pdf - Pages: 5 - M.-H. Kim, J. W. Wilson, F. A. Cucinotta, L. C. Simonsen, W. Atwell, F. F. Badavi and J. Miller, The Local Tissue Environment During the September 29, 1989 Solar Particle Event, 32nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Nagoya, Japan, Ju

NASA-98-32cospar-sbc.pdf - Pages: 6 - S. B. Curtis, M. E. Vazquez, J. W. Wilson and M.-H. Y. Kim, Cosmic Ray Hits in the Central Nervous System at Solar Maximum, 32nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Nagoya, Japan, July 12-19, 1998, (829KB)

NASA-98-34ncrp-jww.pdf - Pages: 65 - John W. Wilson, Overview of Radiation Environments and Human Exposures, 34th Annual Meeting of the National Council on Radiation Protection, Washington, DC, April 1-2, 1998, (733KB)

NASA-98-3athpc-jrc.pdf - Pages: 4 - J. Raymond Comstock, Jr. and Peter L. Derks, Performance Effects of Display Incongruity in a Digital and Analog Clock Reading Task, Third Automation Technology and Human Performance Conference, Norfolk, Virginia, March 25-28, 1998

NASA-98-3ewtps-jws.pdf - Pages: 7 - James W. Sawyer, Jefferson Hodge and Brad Moore, Aerothermal Test of Metallic TPS for X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle, Third European Workshop on Thermal Protection Systems, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, March 25-27, 1998, (950KB)

NASA-98-3ewtps-mlb.pdf - Pages: 12 - Max L. Blosser, Carl J. Martin, Jr., Kamran Daryabeigi and Carl C. Poteet, Reusable Metallic Thermal Protection Systems Development, Third European Workshop on Thermal Protection Systems, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, March 25-27, 1

NASA-98-3icvmlt2-gaf.pdf - Pages: 12 - Gary A. Fleming, Ralph D. Buehrle and Olaf L. Storaasli, Modal Analysis of an Aircraft Fuselage Panel Using Experimental and Finite-Element Techniques, Third International Conference on Vibration Measurements by Laser Techniques

NASA-98-3icvmlt-gaf.pdf - Pages: 14 - Gary A. Fleming and Susan Althoff Gorton, Measurement of Rotorcraft Blade Dynamics Using Projection Moire Interferometry, Third International Conference on Vibration Measurements by Laser Techniques, Ancona, Italy, June 16-19, 19

NASA-98-42hfes-kal.pdf - Pages: 5 - Kara A. Latorella, Effects of Modality on Interrupted Flight Deck Performance: Implications for Data Link, 42nd Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Chicago, Illinois, October 5-9, 1998, (790KB)

NASA-98-43sampe-ccf.pdf - Pages: 12 - Catherine C. Fay, Diane M. Stoakley and Anne K. St. Clair, Molecularly Oriented Polymeric Thin Films for Space Applications, 43rd International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition, Anaheim, California, May 31--June 4, 1998, (1MB)

NASA-98-43sampe-esw.pdf - Pages: 15 - Erik S. Weiser, Faye F. Baillif, Brian W. Grimsley and Joseph M. Marchello, High Temperature Structural Foam, 43rd International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition, Anaheim, California, May 31--June 4, 1998, Included in the Proceedin

NASA-98-43sampe-jgs.pdf - Pages: 13 - J. G. Smith, Jr., J. W. Connell and P. M. Hergenrother, The Effect of Molecular Weight on the Composite Properties of Cured Phenylethynyl Terminated Imide Oligomers, 43rd International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition, Anaheim, Cal

NASA-98-43sampe-rjc.pdf - Pages: 13 - Roberto J. Cano, Erik S. Weiser, Terry L. St. Clair, Yoshiaki Echigo and Hisayasu Kaneshiro, Composite Properties of Polyimide Resins Made From Salt-Like Solution Precursors, 43rd International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition, Ana

NASA-98-44iis-bjj.pdf - Pages: 10 - B. J. Jansen, Jr., The Data Acquisition and Control Systems of the Jet Noise Laboratory at the NASA Langley Research Center, 44th International Instrumentation Symposium, Reno, Nevada, May 3-7, 1998, included in the Proceedings, p.

NASA-98-49iac-rwp.pdf - Pages: 10 - Richard W. Powell, Mary Kae Lockwood and Stephen A. Cook, The Road From the NASA Access-to-Space Study to a Reusable Launch Vehicle, 49th International Astronautical Congress, Melbourne, Australia, September 28--October 2, 1998, pp

NASA-98-49iac-wmp.pdf - Pages: 13 - William M. Piland and Theodore A. Talay, A Logical Space Transportation Strategy, 49th International Astronautical Congress, Melbourne, Australia, IAF-98-V.1.08, September 28--October 2, 1998, (1MB)

NASA-98-4ashics-act.pdf - Pages: 8 - Anna C. Trujillo, Pilot Mental Workload with Predictive System Status Information, 4th Annual Symposium on Human Interaction with Complex Systems, Fairborn, OH, March 22-24, 1998, pp. 8, Included in the Proceedings, p. 73-80. (70

NASA-98-4istc-hbd.pdf - Pages: 9 - H. Benson Dexter, Development of Textile Reinforced Composites for Aircraft Structures, Fourth International Symposium for Textile Composites, Kyoto, Japan, October 12-14, 1998, (260KB)

NASA-98-51aps-ff.pdf - Pages: 16 - F. Farassat and R. S. Baty, The Application of Nonstandard Analysis to the Study of Inviscid Shock Wave Jump Conditions, American Physical Society's 51st Annual Meeting of the Division of Fluid Mechanics, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

NASA-98-5icce-sop.pdf - Pages: 2 - Susan O. Palmer, Alan T. Nettles and C. C. Poe, Jr., Experimental Observations of a Stitched Composite Subjected to Combined Bending and Tension Load, Fifth International Conference on Composites Engineering, Las Vegas, Nevada, Jul

NASA-98-5spie-arm.pdf - Pages: 14 - Anna-Maria Rivas McGowan, W. Keith Wilkie, Robert W. Moses, Renee C. Lake, Jennifer Pinkerton Florence, Carol D. Wieseman, Mercedes C. Reaves, Barmac K. Taleghani, Paul H. Mirick and Matthew L. Wilbur, Aeroservoelastic and Structur

NASA-98-5spie-jos.pdf - Pages: 10 - J. O. Simpson, S. A. Wise, R. G. Bryant, R. J. Cano, T. S. Gates, J.A. Hinkley, R.S. Rogowski and K. S. Whitley, Innovative Materials for Aircraft Morphing, SPIE'S 5th Annual International Symposium on Smart Structures and Material

NASA-98-5spie-mas.pdf - Pages: 12 - Michael A. Scott, Raymond C. Montgomery and Robert P. Weston, Subsonic Maneuvering Effectiveness of High Performance Aircraft Which Employ Quasi-Static Shape Change Devices, SPIE's 5th Annual International Symposium on Smart Struct

NASA-98-5spie-rdj.pdf - Pages: 12 - L.G.Pack and R. D. Joslin, Overview of Active Flow Control at NASA Langley Research Center, SPIE's 5th Annual International Symposium on Smart Structures and Materials, San Diego, California, March 1-5, 1998, (614KB)

NASA-98-6isaecm-whp.pdf - Pages: 10 - William H. Prosser, Waveform Analysis of AE in Composites, Sixth International Symposium on Acoustic Emission from Composite Materials, San Antonio, Texas, June, 1998, included in the meeting Proceedings, pp. 61-70, (2MB)

NASA-98-6nggcfs-jas.pdf - Pages: 11 - Jamshid A. Samareh, Aeroelastic Deflection of NURBS Geometry, 6th International Conference on Numerical Grid Generation in Computational Field Simulation, University of Greenwich, Avery Hill Campus, London, UK, July 6-9, 1998, pp

NASA-98-7cnvsds-glg.pdf - Pages: 31 - G. L. Ghiringhelli, P. Masarati, P. Mantegazza and M. W. Nixon, Multi-Body Analysis of a Tilt-Rotor Configuration, Seventh Conference on Nonlinear Vibrations, Stability and Dynamics of Structures, Blacksburg, Virginia, July 26-30

NASA-98-7mmmc-mn.pdf - Pages: 14 - M. Namkung, R. A. Wincheski, R. G. Bryant and A. Buchman, Effects of Heat Treatment on the Magnetic Properties of Polymer-Bound Iron Particle Cores, 7th Joint Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM)-Intermag Conference, San Francisco

NASA-98-7seams-lhc.pdf - Pages: 4 - Lin H. Chambers, David F. Young and Anne M. Racel, The CERES S'COOL Project: Development and Operational Phases, 7th Symposium on Education of the American Meteorological Society, Phoenix, Arizona, January 11-16, 1998, pp. 4, Incl

NASA-98-8arm-pm.pdf - Pages: 5 - P. Minnis, W. L. Smith, Jr. and D. F. Young, Surface Emissivity Derived From Multispectral Satellite Data, 8th Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Science Team Meeting, Tucson, Arizona, March 23-27, 1998, (182KB)

NASA-98-9csmo-lwt.pdf - Pages: 1 - L. W. Thomason, W. P. Chu and C. R. Trepte, The Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III, Ninth Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography, Paris, France, May 25-29, 1998, (8MB)

NASA-98-9isaltf-jfm.pdf - Pages: 25 - James F. Meyers, Gary A. Fleming, Susan Althoff Gorton and John D. Berry, Instantaneous Doppler Global Velocimetry Measurements of a Rotor Wake: Lessons Learned, 9th International Symposium on Applications of Laser Techniques to

NASA-98-9tfatm-rma.pdf - Pages: 13 - Ruth M. Amundsen, Comparison of Integrated Analysis Methods for Two Model Scenarios, Ninth Conference, Workshop and Product Presentation on Thermal and Fluids Analysis Tools and Methods, Cleveland, Ohio, August 31--September 4, 19

NASA-98-abaqus-cgd.pdf - Pages: 14 - Carlos G. Davila, Superelement Analysis of Tile-Reinforced Composite Armor, ABAQUS Users' Conference, Newport, Rhode Island, May 27-29, 1998, pp. 225-238, (636KB)

NASA-98-acc-agk.pdf - Pages: 6 - A. G. Kelkar and S. M. Joshi, Robust Passification and Control on Non-Passive Systems, 1998 American Control Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 24-28, 1998, (457KB)

NASA-98-acc-eam.pdf - Pages: 6 - Eugene A. Morelli, Global Nonlinear Parametric Modeling with Application to F-16 Aerodynamics, 1998 American Control Conference, Philadelphia, PA, June 24-28, 1998, pp. 5, (182KB)

NASA-98-acc-kbl.pdf - Pages: 5 - K. B. Lim and D. P. Giesy, Computation of LFT Uncertainty Bounds With Repeated Parametric Uncertainties, 1998 American Control Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, AACC Paper No. i980106, June 24-28, 1998, (114KB)

NASA-98-AGARD-eam.pdf - Pages: 17 - Eugene A. Morelli, Advances in Experiment Design for High Performance Aircraft, AGARD Symposium on System Identification for Integrated Aircraft Development and Flight Testing, Madrid, Spain, Paper No. 8, May 5-8, 1998, (687KB)

NASA-98-AGARD-mjs.pdf - Pages: 11 - M. J. Shuart, N. J. Johnston, H. B. Dexter, J. M. Marchello and R. W. Grenoble, Automated Fabrication Technologies for High Performance Polymer Composites, AGARD Spring '98 Workshop on Intelligent Processing of High Performance Mat

NASA-98-AGARD-pcm.pdf - Pages: 13 - Patrick C. Murphy, Closed-Loop System Identification Experience for Flight Control Law and Flying Qualities Evaluation of a High Performance Fighter Aircraft, AGARD Symposium on System Identification for Integrated Aircraft Develop

NASA-98-AGARD-vk.pdf - Pages: 20 - Vladislav Klein and Patrick C. Murphy, Aerodynamic Parameters of High Performance Aircraft Estimated >From Wind Tunnel and Flight Test Data, AGARD Symposium on System Identification for Integrated Aircraft Development and Flight Tes

NASA-98-aj-ksb.pdf - Pages: 17 - K. S. Brentner and F. Farassat, An Analytical Comparison of the Acoustic Analogy and Kirchhoff Formulation for Moving Surfaces, AIAA Journal, vol. 36, no. 8, August 1998, pp. 1379-1386, (262KB)

NASA-98-arfm-rdj.pdf - Pages: 29 - Ronald D. Joslin, Aircraft Laminar Flow Control, Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 30, February 1998, pp. 1-29, (211KB)

NASA-98-arms-sjb.pdf - Pages: 6 - Salvatore J. Bavuso, A Novel Solution-Technique Applied to a Novel WAAS Architecture, 1998 Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, Anaheim, California, January 19-22, 1998, included in the Symposium Proceedings, p. 229-234

NASA-98-cfmfp-vnv.pdf - Pages: 10 - Veer N. Vatsa and Thomas R. Faulkner, Navier-Stokes Computations on Commodity Computers, 25th National and First International Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power, Delhi, India, December 15-17, 1998, (201KB)

NASA-98-cirrus-pm.pdf - Pages: 3 - Patrick Minnis, Satellite Remote Sensing of Cirrus: An Overview, Cirrus Topical Meeting and Tabletop Exhibition, Baltimore, Maryland, October 6-8, 1998, (54KB)

NASA-98-cp206280.pdf - Pages: 443 - Norman F. Knight, Jr. and Michael P. Nemeth (Compilers), Stability Analysis of Plates and Shells: A Collection of Papers in Honor of Dr. Manuel Stein, NASA CP-1998-206280, January 1998, pp. 453, (34MB)

NASA-98-cp209692v1pt2p1569-1588.pdf - Pages: 20 - A. W. Burner, G. E. Erickson, W. L. Goodman and G. A. Fleming, HSR Model Deformation Measurements from Subsonic to Supersonic Speeds, 1998 NASA High-Speed Research Program Aerodynamic Performance Workshop, Los Angeles

NASA-98-cr206907.pdf - Pages: 34 - Christopher J. Slominski, Valerie E. Plyler and David A. Wolverton, The LVLASO I/O Concentrator Software Description, Version 3.5, NASA/CR-1998-206907, January 1998, pp. 34, (330KB)

NASA-98-cr206915.pdf - Pages: 101 - Francis Fung and Damir Jamsek, Formal Specification of a Flight Guidance System, NASA/CR-1998-206915, January 1998, pp. 101, (732KM)

NASA-98-cr206927.pdf - Pages: 14 - Alice C. Chang, Synthesis and Characterization of Modified Phenylethynyl Terminated Polyimides, NASA/CR-1998-206927, March 1998, pp. 15, (549KB)

NASA-98-cr206928.pdf - Pages: 60 - M. D. Deshpande, Application of Finite Element Method to Analyze Inflatable Waveguide Structures, NASA/CR-1998-206928, February 1998, pp. 62, (744KB)

NASA-98-cr206933.pdf - Pages: 41 - Christopher R. Tatnall, An Investigation of Candidate Sensor-Observable Wake Vortex Strength Parameters for the NASA Aircraft Vortex Spacing System (AVOSS), NASA/CR-1998-206933, March 1998, pp. 42, (474KB)

NASA-98-cr206937.pdf - Pages: 145 - Jessie C. Yeager, Implementation and Testing of Turbulence Models for the F18-HARV Simulation, NASA/CR-1998-206937, March 1998, pp. 147, (11MB)

NASA-98-cr206950.pdf - Pages: 38 - C. J. Reddy, Application of Model Based Parameter Estimation for Fast Frequency Response Calculations of Input Characteristics of Cavity-Backed Aperture Antennas Using Hybrid FEM/MoM Technique, NASA/CR-1998-206950, March 1998, pp. 3

NASA-98-cr206951.pdf - Pages: 29 - C. J. Reddy, Application of Model Based Parameter Estimation for RCS Frequency Response, NASA/CR-1998-206951, March 1998, pp. 29, (257KB)

NASA-98-cr207633.pdf - Pages: 20 - Emilie J. Siochi, Stability of Poly(amide acid) Solutions, NASA/CR-1998-207633, May 1998, pp. 20, (724KB)

NASA-98-cr207641.pdf - Pages: 17 - David E. Glass, Michael A. Merrigan and J. Tom Sena, Start Up of a Nb-1 Percent Zr Potassium Heat Pipe From the Frozen State, NASA/CR-1998-207641, March 1998, pp. 18, (1MB)

NASA-98-cr207642.pdf - Pages: 33 - David E. Glass, Michael A. Merrigan and J. Tom Sena, Fabrication and Testing of Mo-Re Heat Pipes Embedded in Carbon/Carbon, NASA/CR-1998-207642, March 1998, pp. 34, (891KB)

NASA-98-cr207652.pdf - Pages: 38 - Frank S. Preston, A Petaflops Era Computing Analysis, NASA/CR-1998-207652, March 1998, pp. 38, (526KB)

NASA-98-cr207652appA.pdf - Pages: 16 - APPENDIX A: BIBLIOGRAPHY

NASA-98-cr207652appB.pdf - Pages: 2 - APPENDIX B: KEYWORDS

NASA-98-cr207652appC.pdf - Pages: 4 - APPENDIX C: CATEGORIES


NASA-98-cr207652appE.pdf - Pages: 9 - S.I.A. (Semiconductor Industry Association) ROADMAP (1995)

NASA-98-cr207655.pdf - Pages: 127 - Jesse P. Johnson and Eric M. Gaier, Air Cargo Operations Cost Database, NASA/CR-1998-207655, April 1998, pp. 130, (765KB)

NASA-98-cr207656.pdf - Pages: 63 - Earl R. Wingrove, III, Eric M. Gaier and Tara E. Santmire, The ASAC Air Carrier Investment Model (Third Generation), NASA/CR-1998-207656, April 1998, pp. 64, (575KB)

NASA-98-cr207657.pdf - Pages: 70 - Melvin Etheridge, Joana Plugge and Nusrat Retina, Aircraft/Air Traffic Management Functional Analysis Model, Version 2.0, Technical Description, NASA/CR-1998-207657, April 1998, pp. 70, (455KB)

NASA-98-cr207658.pdf - Pages: 44 - Melvin Etheridge, Joana Plugge and Nusrat Retina, Aircraft/Air Traffic Management Functional Analysis Model, Version 2.0, User's Guide, NASA/CR-1998-207658, April 1998, pp. 44, (398KB)

NASA-98-cr207659.pdf - Pages: 74 - David A. Lee, Caroline Nelson and Gerald Shapiro, The Aviation System Analysis Capability Airport Capacity and Delay Models, NASA/CR-1998-207659, April 1998, pp. 74, (861KB)

NASA-98-cr207660.pdf - Pages: 48 - P. Babcock, A. Schor and G. Rosch, Reliability Modeling Methodology for Independent Approaches on Parallel Runways Safety Analysis, NASA/CR-1998-207660, April 1998, pp. 48, (428KB)

NASA-98-cr207661.pdf - Pages: 64 - Peter F. Kostiuk, Milton B. Adams, Deborah F. Allinger, Gene Rosch and James K. Kuchar, An Integrated Safety Analysis Methodology for Emerging Air Transport Technologies, NASA/CR-1998-207661, April 1998, pp. 64, (454KB)

NASA-98-cr207662.pdf - Pages: 31 - Robert Hemm and Gerald Shapiro, Terminal Area Productivity Airport Wind Analysis and Chicago O'Hare Model Description, NASA/CR-1998-207662, April 1998, pp. 31, (485KB)

NASA-98-cr207663.pdf - Pages: 101 - Eileen Roberts, James A. Villani and Paul Ritter, Aviation System Analysis Capability Quick Response System Report for Fiscal Year 1997, NASA/CR-1998-207663, April 1998, pp. 101, (2MB)

NASA-98-cr207664.pdf - Pages: 39 - C. Y. Tsai, A Two-Line Absorption Instrument for Scramjet Temperature and Water Vapor Concentration Measurement in HYPULSE, NASA/CR-1998-207664, May 1998, pp. 39, (312KB)

NASA-98-cr207669.pdf - Pages: 30 - David E. Glass, Development of a Flexible Seal for a 60 psi Cryogenic Pressure Box, NASA/CR-1998-207669, May 1998, pp. 31, (1MB)

NASA-98-cr207673.pdf - Pages: 74 - Peter F. Kostiuk, Gerald Shapiro, Dave Hanson, Stephen Kolitz, Frank Leong, Gene Rosch and Charles Bonesteel, A Method for Evaluating the Safety Impacts of Air Traffic Automation, NASA/CR-1998-207673, May 1998, pp. 74, (828KB)

NASA-98-cr207675.pdf - Pages: 59 - Thomas M. Doyle and Frank G. McGee, Air Traffic and Operational Data on Selected U.S. Airports With Parallel Runways, NASA/CR-1998-207675, May 1998, pp. 59, (6MB)

NASA-98-cr207678.pdf - Pages: 42 - Bruce J. Kaplan and David A. Lee, Key Metrics and Goals for NASA's Advanced Air Transportation Technologies Program, NASA/CR-1998-207678, May 1998, (398KB)

NASA-98-cr207679.pdf - Pages: 210 - Eileen Roberts, James A. Villani, David Godso, Bret King, Mohammed Osman and Michael Ricciardi, Aviation System Analysis Capability Executive Assistant Design, NASA/CR-1998-207679, May 1998, (1MB)

NASA-98-cr208434.pdf - Pages: 50 - Dimitri Naydich and John Nowokowski, Flight Guidance System Validation using SPIN, NASA/CR-1998-208434, June 1998, pp. 50, (528KB)

NASA-98-cr208441.pdf - Pages: 173 - S. Koczo, Integrated Airport Surface Operations, NASA/CR-1998-208441, July 1998, pp. 173, (22MB)

NASA-98-cr208446.pdf - Pages: 65 - Sharon Otero Beskenis, David F. Green, Paul V. Hyer and Edward J. Johnson, Integrated Display System for Low Visibility Landing and Surface Operations, NASA/CR-1998-208446, July 1998, pp. 64, (1MB)

NASA-98-cr208454.pdf - Pages: 33 - Craig A. Barwell, Lorenz Eber and Ian M. Fyfe, A Study of Failure in Small Pressurized Cylindrical Shells Containing a Crack, NASA/CR-1998-208454, August 1998, pp. 34, (953KB)

NASA-98-cr208455.pdf - Pages: 92 - David Lee, Dou Long, Mel Etheridge, Joana Plugge, Jesse Johnson and Peter Kostiuk, A Method for Making Cross-Comparable Estimates of the Benefits of Decision Support Technologies for Air Traffic Management, NASA/CR-1998-208455, July

NASA-98-cr208698.pdf - Pages: 135 - Michael J. Doherty and Robert H. Tolson, Input Shaping to Reduce Solar Array Structural Vibrations, NASA/CR-1998-208698, August 1998, pp. 136, (3MB)

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